Monday, June 25, 2007

Tod's Shoes

I always looked at Roger Vivier's designs... and i find it very stylish and unique. I just found out that Tod's shoes is from the masterpiece of Roger Vivier.. Here's some brief information.

Diego Della Valle, the Italian shoe mogul behind Tod's and Hogan, acquired the Roger Vivier name in 2002. A new store opened in Paris in early 2004, and Bruno Frisoni is the shoe designer who has been appointed to take the house into the 21st century.
The history of Tod's Shoes:

Tod's Group is an Italian company which produces shoes and other leather goods, and presided over by businessman Diego Della Valle. It is famous for its driving shoes and D-bag. The family started the shoemaking business out of a basement in the late 1920s. The family expanded the workshop and turned it into a factory by Doro who also started manufacturing shoes fo American 1970s. The son of the owner, Diego, brought in innovative marketing strategies in the earrly 1980s, kept the handmade manufacturing process and went on to create brands of lifestyle named Tod's, Hogan and Fay. Roger Vivier, maker of high luxury shoes was acquired in the mid 1990s and developed starting the beginning of the Millennium. The family, which owns a vast majority of the luxury maker corporation also owns stakes in RCS the publishing group, Fiorentina the football team, etc. All members of the Della Valle family were born in the middle Italian region of Le Marche and the majority of them still resides there.


Lizy said...

Nice Blog..Good collection of shoes from Tod's Group..Does the company produces all kinds of latest fashion shoes.

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