Saturday, June 2, 2007

Gucci Shoes

Here's some of the Gucci shoes that i love... they really are for dress shoes, cute and gorgeous when thy're on your feet.

Now let's take a look at how Gucci started... here's the history.

The House of Gucci was first created in 1906 in Florence, Italy. Founder and craftsman,
Guccio Gucci originally used the shop as an outlet for selling leather goods to horsemen. In 1938, Gucci opened the first retail shop in Rome. Gucci received much of its fame during the 1950's and 1960's under the supervision of Guccio Gucci’s two sons, Aldo and Rodolfo. During the 1950's, Gucci became a staple of elegance with the creation of luxury handbags, shoes, and luggage.

Gucci gained even more popularity in the 1960's when legendary stars, such as Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly were photographed wearing the classic styles. During this time, Gucci earned its reputation as a status symbol. In the 1980's, Gucci began to experience a regression in both popularity and sales. At this time, an Arab investment company was able to purchase 50 percent of the fashion company from Guccio Gucci’s grandson, Maurizio.

In 1990, Gucci once again began to regain its reputation as an important and vital part of the fashion industry when Tom Ford joined Gucci as a designer of womenswear. In 1994, Ford took over as the fashion empire’s creative director. Under Ford’s supervision, Gucci gained recognition for being a brand for the wealthy and glamorous. During this time, Gucci became known for producing high quality products, including luggage, jewelry, clothing, fragrances, and eyeglasses.


scottjarvis123 said...

Oddly enough I’ve been wearing Gucci shoes for years but I have never actually given any thought or done any research on how Gucci got its start. The info here is pretty cool, though now I must go to Wikipedia and finish what I started here.

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